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-Alice: What's wrong with those fuckers? They speak american but they miss-pronounce every other word!
-Bob: Which ones? The ones napping with the sombreros are mexicans, the ones putting maple syrup on their spaghetti are the other mexicans...

-Manuel: Β‘Mi casa es su casa, seΓ±or!
-Alice: Thank you! Your house is really nice. I actually went on vacation to a resort in Paramaribo a few years back. I had a great time, bought a lot of sombreros, and the food didn't taste spicy at all to me. And I understood everyone!
-Manuel: Paramaribo sounds like the name of a mexican city, but it is actually the capital of Surinam, nobody speaks spanish there, it's all dutch and maybe some creole, you probably flew through Surinam to Guyana, where they speak english. Because you are an anglophone americunt, so no way you speak something besides americano. Also, I am a canadian, that's a whole different breed of mexican, eh.
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by Jean Michel Leflamme February 12, 2018
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