A nickname for the male penis, as opposed to the female penis.

Occasionally sings with the black eyed peas.
by Gumba Gumba March 13, 2004
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1) A penis
2) A 4-cup formation in beirut in which one cup sits alone in front and the other 3 are lined up along the back edge of the table. A very difficult formation.
When the other team was shooting at the one-eyed monster in the beirut game, I whipped out my one-eyed monster and it made them airball both of their shots.
by Nick D February 04, 2004
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in the 1950's one-eyed monster was a very popular nick name given to the bulging televisions of the time. It is also a slang name for a camera.
Are you watching that One-Eyed Monster again Marge?
by Patrick London July 18, 2006
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A regular, large male penis, but always aroused and horny.
Me: Hey girl you want to see my One Eyed Monster?
Girlfriend: Again? Sure, but is it gonna be up and at it again?
Me: You know it!
Girlfriend: Awwwwwwwww yea! Let's go!
Me: Where?
Girlfriend: Everywhere!
by B4st4rd1yxxxxxx December 16, 2011
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