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This usually involves a bigger area of water such as a pool, hot tub, etc. This is when a woman gives oral under water until the point of climax without coming up for a breath . when giving the oral it's important the woman doesn't swallow the cum but let's it float in the water and puts it in her hair like a mysterious mermaid would wear pearls.
I went to the hotel and this random bitch gave me the mermaid. I gave her a lot of pearls for her hair
by Inked_^monster May 06, 2016
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you need three things a piece of rope, a fresh fish, and a ciggarett. step one tie her ankles together. step two rub the fish all over her naked body. step three fuck her any way you please. step four while your smoking your ciggarett you can think to yourself woy thats what it is like to fuck a mermaid.
i going out with a marine biologist and she let me give her the mermaid.
by the law August 27, 2006
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