A fictional show that's been around for awhile. The show is basically about a teacher with hair at least 10 feet and students that practically live on a magical school bus. What I mean is that the kids and the teacher Mrs.Frizzle only stay in the classroom for like 30 seconds and then they leave on the bus. They usually go in people, plants, etc. It's kinda like my bus with their conversations.
by OofBanana January 4, 2019
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Person #1: dude, did you see Ms. Frizzle on the magic school bus yesterday.
Person #2: Yeah, I would like to tap that frizzle ass
Person #1: wait, why can't we?
Person #2: To the school bus!!
by kwhiz November 27, 2007
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The act of shitting one's self during roadhead, thereby effectively turning said roadhead into a mobile blumpkin.
I performed the magic school bus on that ratchet ass hoe La'quisha while returning from the KFC. It smelt like the Colonel's rotting corpse, but she kept suckin.
by 8============D~~~~~~~~ April 6, 2015
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1. A show about this bus that would shrink, get sick,and fly. It was awsome and educatinal. It was awsomcational

2.A term used for making fun of someone usually because they ride the short bus.
1.magic school bus was the reason I woke up early on Saturday mornings

2.Why don't you just shut up Jimmy and go ride on the magic school bus?
by DizzyLizzy May 31, 2006
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The act of smoking DMT before entering the morning school bus. The user would trip out on the ride to school and exit the bus sober.
Tim: Hey dude you ridding the bus tomorrow?
James: Yeah, The Magic School bus.
Tim: Oh shit, good luck man.
by LickMyHawk September 4, 2011
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A form of torture. That is specifically aimed toward children of young ages. Why? Because the teachers are too lazy to actually teach students on their own. Who is this Ms. Frizzle anyway? She doesn't have a PHD.
"Girl, that's a booty hole." -Keisha, a meme from the Magic School Bus
by Disco Gurl June 26, 2017
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