"I got you on a loud One" is used for anybody that you talk to. When you owe your friend money you could say "I got you on a loud One". It's basically saying "I gotchu" but the loud one stand for some thing big, a lot of money, a lot of anything. Besides it's fun to say and it comes in handy sometimes
"Hey dude you got my money"....
"Yea man I got u on a loud one"
""Alr thx man.. Make sure you get all my money
Yea I got you on a loud one
by NAUGHTEST SANTA February 20, 2018
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The loudest man on Earth with an IQ lower than Beetlejuice. He loves to meet females of all ages, and craves their genitalia. Although commonly referred to as Griff, he loves to be called the loud one, especially during gay interracial anal sex.
"Hey, did you hear about the loud one?"
"That Griff dude? His cock totally stinks!"
"Yeah man, that's him!"
by March 19, 2021
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