When something happens, and it's not really looking too good on it happening.
Preston: Bro, can I get some of your popcorn?

by RetroBounder March 6, 2022
Something someone (in most cases not attractive) may wear to draw attention to her/himself.
Friend 1: What is up with that metallic shirt so-and-so is wearing?
Friend 2: It's a look-at-me!
by 109ratiugria April 3, 2010
One of xxxtentacions songs that gets him SOOOO many bandwagon fans. But the beat is amazing
Person 1: yo what’s your favorite X song
Person 2: Look at me!
Person 1: any others?
Person 2: yeah,...
Person 1: which ones?
Person 2: peace
by Xxxtentacion fan yessir March 17, 2021
For example

Pqwk: wow you're Look at my Adidas
Timer: Yeah, isn't it awesome
by PqwkKhan October 12, 2020
bro: look at dis jawn I’m talkin to
me: nigga she got no looks
by nene wit da pp October 4, 2022