lol·li·pop/ˈlälēˌpäp/ To stick ones hand in someones ass, make a fist and pull it out quickly as to make a popping sound.
If you keep looking at me like that I'm going to give you "The lollipop".
by frognuts November 14, 2011
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When someone hacks your Facebook account and logs a stupid post. Classics include: "Does anyone have a lollipop?" and "I like poop".
Hey man, what's up with that post?

Damn... Not again. My brother grabbed my iPhone lollipoped me.
by Xluthru March 28, 2011
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There popular style of wearing a lollipop on the back of shirt.
Ron: "You have a lollipop on the back of your shirt"

Leslie: "That's the style now Ron. It's called lollipopping. All the kids are doing it."
by tangosling February 24, 2012
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When a girl/guy is giving you a blow job, but doesn't get passed the head.
Guy 1: Yo, Jessica only lollipopped it last night! My dick never gets sucked.

Guy 2: Why do you keep her around?

Guy 3: She makes good sandwiches.
by Superflyyyy February 14, 2010
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1. A confectionery candy that is on the end of a stick.

2. Fun.
by JulianDB December 15, 2016
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Nerb: A Noun / Verb
Subcategory: Adjective

When a male takes a females virginity and he is a loli.
My future wife lost her V card in college to A lollipop.

Don’t ride on the back of a lollipops motorcycle.
by RightTriangle October 7, 2019
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