A movie starring Zac Braff, Jacinda Barett and Rachel Bilson. Full of jokes and drama and is sometimes called a 'chick flick' although it is the farthest thing from it if you watch it.
Rachel Bilson and Zac Braff are in a sex scene together in The Last Kiss!
by Dumby August 03, 2007
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The perk 😘 that determines the end of French kiss (like the sound of a bone marrow sucked out). Can be used to stop someone from continuous kissing.
"I gave him that last kiss real quick cause I wasn't feeling his tongue game"
by Flux£ April 01, 2017
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A song by One Direction. “Last First Kiss” is on their second album.
I just listened to “Last First Kiss.”
by October 05, 2020
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