The thing that comes out of insects after they make mad passionate love.
by blii February 19, 2003
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The fad of the Inazuma immigrants GC. He is a f/\9 that stan’s noelle.
Larva go s|!t your \/\/rist!
by ~Chuu~ May 28, 2021
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A huge, often steaming piece of faeces which resembles a larva.
After receiving a blumpkin, I looked at my porcelain friend, and guess what, there was a larva!
by Alexand October 10, 2006
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definition mostly used for human spawn under the age of four.
the patrons in the restaurant were praying that the parents would take their tantrum throwing, human larvae anywhere else !
by sandy clawz December 20, 2011
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The children of Yuppies.

These children/teens often exhibit ingnorent and self righteous behavior. Because of this, they feel that they are invincible and superior to anyone and everyone because his Dad will sue your Dad. In their struggle for superiority, they fall vicum to any trend. They feel the need to keep up with their peers in terms of fashion and technology yet have little respect for it (or the debt that their parents gather from buying it all for them). They will rarely wear anything but American Egale, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, etc. and never be caught buying from the clearence rack.
Another charactoristic is that their parents will also call them names like "Joshie" or "__ie". "Dakoda", "Austin" or other Amarican geographical titles. Lastly, if their name is spelt in some weird and wonderful way that also is a sign of a Yuppie Larvae. Like Naethen (Nathan) or Deanna (Diana). This was done on the parents part to : creativity 2.make their child stand out or 3.ignorance.
Once fully grown they will to turn into the relitivistic money gouging yuppies that think everybody wants to hear their opinion and will sell their soul for a shiney penny.

Upon being challenged, the common larvae will raise no good points to defend his/her arguement and often will have to seek out assistance from near by friesnds or associates.

(no offence if your name was used)
Yuppie Larvae #1 "look at that kid. he's such a looser, no jokes."
Yuppie Larvae #2 "Why are you so poor?"
Person "..? what? why would you ask me that?"
Yuppie Larvae #2 "coz im bored"
Person "you have no class"
by F je FF July 24, 2009
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A baby or child, especially when the parent receives lots of additional benefits as the result of giving birth... such as extra benefits at work that are not available to those without children like childcare stipends, family-leave time, flex or comp time for family or school functions, etc. Golden-larva benefits for the unemployed include easier access to Medicaid, WIC, food stamps and other government or charity assistance and grants.
Childfree co-worker: "Hey, can you stay over for a few extra minutes tonight to help with cleanup?"

Breeder co-worker: "No, I have to leave early again to pick my baybee up from the sitter. Oh, and my sitter can't watch the baybee tomorrow so I won't be in. I'll need you to do the ordering for me, if you would."

Childfree: "Man, I'm doing a lot of extra work on account of you and that golden larva of yours..."
by For Whom The Bell Trolls August 04, 2007
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Someone who surfs the web too much, so much in fact, that they have devolved into a pale gelatinous blob who can no longer lift themselves out of their chair. The cyber larva will have to eat by means of robotic feeding tube, and excrete by means of auto-cleaning bed pan or colostomy bag. The cyber larva's limbs will eventually diminish into nubbins, except for a very pronounced mouse clicking tentacle.
Eric used to be top of his class. He was also president of the chess club, volunteered down at the homeless shelter, and was top runner on the cross country team. The he became addicted to the internet. You wouldn't recognize him. He's become a cyber larva.
by shootandrun April 17, 2008
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