A successful, yet still underrated rapper from Australia, a Juice WRLD's protégé. LAROI blew up after his song "Addison Rae" after Addison Rae reacted on the line "I need a bad bit*h, Addison Rae, shawty the baddest". His most popular song "Diva" featuring Lil Tecca released on January 31st 2020, hitting 10 million views after 2 weeks of the release, having 35 million views on YouTube 09/20/2020.
Kyle: Yo, did you hear the new song "WRONG" by The Kid LAROI?
Tyler: Yeah bro! It's absolute fire! Lana Rhoades was in the video clip!
by Vec1 September 20, 2020
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An amazing singer/rapper who puts his everything into his music. A man who just doesnt gaf.
Guy 1, HEy have you heard Reminds Me Of You by The Kid Laroi??
Guy 2, No I haven't.
Guy 1, *shoots guy 2 for being lame*
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by EnvyAce123 February 01, 2021
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The kid Laroi is a famous rapper from Sydney,Australia he is very famous and a lot of people like him. He has a lot of fans and I think he is lit 🔥
Yo dood hear about thekidlaroi he just can out with a new song
by Thekidlaroi October 11, 2020
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the kid laroi, one of if not the best artists of all time, often people call him daddy laroi
you ever heard of daddy laroi, god tier laroi, white jesus, or you can call him The Kid LAROI. because he is too good at everything
by laroi lover October 02, 2020
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An up and coming rapper from Australia who is the protege to the late Juice WRLD. LAROI started blowing up in 2019 and has done collabs with artists like Juice WRLD and Lil Tecca. He really puts his heart and soul into every song and it hits hard
Me: Yo dude did you hear the kid LAROI's new album?
Friend: Yeah bro that shit was some heat
by brrrrrrrrruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh February 10, 2021
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