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While the goonch normally presents itself in the shape of a giant, maneating catfish located in the in the Great Kali River running between India and Nepal, it is actually the all powerful ruler of the universe. The goonch rules the world through his army of cave demons led by his right hand man, Oliver twist. The goonch punishes those who refuse to acknowledge his power by following his fallen angle bobby hall, who, though despite his efforts, cannot win a championship. The goonches arch enemy is m.nightshamilong, who ,through his use of countless twists, has evaded the goonch. The goonch requires followers to strike down the non believers and bring justice to the universe.
Dude, I sacrificed to the goonch and kicked everyones' ass. He is the true diety of the universe
by Samyall&robs February 21, 2011
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