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The furry war is the war to eliminate all furries. There are two groups of people fighting, the furries, and the anti furries. There have been two furry wars one back in YouTube in 2007 and one right not in tick tock in 2018.
Did you hear about the furry war
by Flappytheflonder December 13, 2018
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A war between the two global superpowers, Gamers, and Furries. All was peaceful until early November 2018, when Furries invaded a few Gamer colonies. The Furries were clever, striking when the Gamers were weakest. During No Nut November. On November 10th, the war was officially declared and the chaos began. in the lands of TikTok there were soldiers fighting, dying, and mourning left and right. the gamers created an alliance, The Gamer Alliance(TGA). inside the contained the four superpowers of the world Gamers, Soviets, Crusaders, And the Anit-Furries. with some help with the weebs, gamer girls, and much more. While The Snowflake powers (TSA) were made by the Evil furries, LGBTQ members, liberals, and feminist. The war still has carried on with few TSA victories, while the TGA is winning the war thanks to the Soviets.
The Furry War is the war that will end all wars.

The Furry War has claimed thousands of victims
by SuperSovietSlav December 17, 2018
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