The family, meaning your parents/guardians and siblings.
Going to NYC tomorrow with the fam.
by Remilo33 February 3, 2011

A term that is starting to gain some popularity among a certain crowd of people. Mostly teenagers and young adults who feel the need to show their individuality by changing familiar words into cool new words.

The process by which they achieve this goal is by condensing the old word and then duplicating what you have condensed.
by oldskoolpaper December 8, 2005
A German pastry, often filled with goat milk; another name for an anime girl from the show "Moldy Toe 6.274"
"I just bought a Fam-Fam!!"

"Ezekial, are you watchin Moldy Toe again?"
by Barri the Clown April 21, 2009
This phrase is a mixture between "for sure" and "fam". It would be accurately used after someone did something special, clutch, or in good timing for someone else. It is used in substitute for "thank you."
This food is for me? For fam!
by HamesJ December 16, 2016
a word use to describe your peoples. ones that you can trust dearly. someone you consider family
my fam wuz mad deep up in the club the other day
by Chris November 7, 2003
A term used for the act of self stimulation of the female area
The dirty girl likes being at home and just famming the night away.
by Reido4887 October 4, 2010
derived from the word "family" . referring to people that are extremely close; as if a family member.
what's crackin fam?
by tha professor November 19, 2003