An adjective or noun that can be used as any word.
I have to use the dirties.(bathroom)
That dog is the dirties.(dumb)
by Izik February 28, 2017
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"Did you just land at Hartsfield International?"

"Yep! I'm back in the Dirty Dirty! Let's go to the Vortex."
by ATLien! January 27, 2010
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can be used as region of southern U.S. (Bama, Miss, GA, LA, etc.)

also can mean the wettest city in the South: Atlanta
Mike Vike tore it up in the dirty dirty.
by Jonathan Erwin March 23, 2005
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Basically the whole south region of the United States.
ayo which region makin the hottest tracks these days ?
definitely the dirty dirty.
by Alaysia April 24, 2007
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The Dirty Dirty is slang for the dirty sout(texas, tenesee, lousianna, goirga, ect
"Them dirty dirty, show em how the south do!"-words of young buckj
by Caleho February 26, 2005
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Luke:She’s hot af
Ben:She’s a dirty dirty dirty dirty whore
Sarah:Hey Daddy and Papi
by Insta baddest_edges July 17, 2019
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