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Before i tell you what punk really is, ill tell you wat its NOT:

Punk is not a mohawk
punk is not Hot Topic
and punk is definitely NOT the jonas brothers

Punk is a form of music that evolved out from rock. Most punk artists came from bad backgrounds, growing up in rough areas. These shitty childhoods fueled the anger when they were older. They directed this anger at the world, and they made music off of it. That's how punk came into being. Punk is raw anger put onto a guitar, a drum kit and a mic. This anger kept all punk bands going.Its hard to explain, but if you have ever seen the Sex Pistols, The Clash, or the Misfits live, you'd understand.

however, this anger also contributed the death of punk. They relied on it to give them energy. To override common sense and just pulverize your guitar. of course, nothing good ever lasts. as the bands got older and older, its hard to retain that anger. fury was replaced by reason, and impulse was replaced by common sense.

There is one main factors that contributed to the death of punk:
as strange as this sounds, punk's popularity was what killed it. Punk bands make millions, going on tour and selling albums. They all became rich. And when you're rich, its hard to stay angry at the world. The fuel, the spark that started it all was gone. If you've watched The Dark Knight, theres a line in there that fits perfectly: You either die the hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Those were the two options punk had. either quit at the top of their game, or continue on making money, but become total posers. This point is where most bands broke up. they said "screw it, we've gone as far as we can".

Now, real punk is replaced by punk rock. punk rock and punk are completely different. Punk is the Sex Pistols, The Ramones & The Clash. Punk rock is sum41, blink 182 and simple plan.

R.I.P. Punk, 1976-1994
i dont give a shit what some low riding 11 year old says. Punk is dead.
*Punk started with the formation of The Sex Pistols, and the last punk album worthy of note is Greenday's Dookie*

poser: hey man, i just got the new sum41 album and its sick! and check out my new pre ripped jeans from hot topic.
punk: shakes his head sadly, punches the poser in the face and dumps him headfirst into a garbage can, then walks away.

its posers like those that caused the death of punk.
by nomoreposers123 February 21, 2009
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