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Term used to describe any day in which a musician of critical acclaim passes on. The term generally refers to the day Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper passed on when their plane crashed, but has in recent times been used to describe the passing of other legendary musicians such as Elvis Presley, John Lennon and most recently, Michael Jackson. The term originated from Don Mclean's song 'American Pie', and the event itself is a very emotional time for the music industry, and of course the many dedicated fans of the icon themselves... but it is important to remember that although they are physically gone, the musical contribution they have made to our lives and the music scene in general shall remain with us always...
The day the music died:

Buddy Holly
The Big Bopper
Ritchie Valens
Elvis Presley
John Lennon
Michael Jackson

R.I.P :(

Please note that my opinion is not above other people: you may have your own musical icons that deserve to be up here, which is perfectly fine- but this only refers to the most famous and recognisable musicians where a day the music died has been made upon their passing.
by Firelovesugar June 26, 2009
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November 6th, 2000. Dj Screw died from a lethal combination of promethazine, codeine, and other drugs. To the urban culture in Houston this was the same as a planeload of white kids crashing in the 50's.
Respect DJ Screw RIP, That nigga screw knew how to pop trunk, when he O.D.'d it was like the day the music died dog.
by Big Moezer February 10, 2011
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