The clam is feared in all countries world wide. The clam is when your parter's vagina becomes a certain age and becomes hard/crispy and dry.
Mary got THE CLAM for her birthday :'(
by SHENZILLA December 14, 2010
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1. When a woman becomes aroused to the point of moistening.

2. The female equivalent to a male hard on.

3. When a female is obviously wet.
Example for Def. 1

Meagan: "Do you see that guy Joe over there?

Amy: "Yes, he is awesome."
Meagan: " I know, he gives me a raging clam on"

Example for Def. 2
I have a clam on from Brumblao's lazy eye.

Example for Def. 3
Joe: "You see that girl Meagan over there?"
Tyler: "Yeah, What about her?"
Joe: "She obviously has a clam on!"
by JoeBrumblao81 December 10, 2013
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1. n. Obscene. The female genitalia.
2. n. Slang. A dollar.
3. v. Informal. To be quiet.
4. n. Derog. A Scientologist.
5. n. A shelled sea creature.
I told the clam to shut her clam because I don't have enough clams to be a clam.
by kumaki April 7, 2004
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Nuts, testicles; most frequently used to explain situations in which a guy gets it in the balls.
Oof! Uuuggghhhh... I just got it in the clams.
by P'tainz October 6, 2010
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Man:(gives woman the eye)
Woman:"The clam is hungry"
by Digiboy October 17, 2005
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Chlamydia, the STD transmitted through sexual intercourse,i.e. genital copulation. It is a bacterial infection that should recieve medical attention immediately and can cause numerous problems in women and men alike.
Slut 1: Oh Betty, I got the Clam!
Betty: Ahahahaha, that sucks slut.
by The Informer (for your health) December 27, 2007
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another word for pussy. Usually referred to as a 'bearded clam', but, nowadays, I like them shaved.
"I'd like to butter her clam"
by evilpete December 12, 2002
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