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Exactly like the penis game except substituting "penis" for bomb.
Played exclusively in government offices, airports, and the white house.
"The Bomb Game"
Player A: ok start running that way!!!
Player B: whisper: bomb
Player C: bomb
Player A: Bomb
Player B: BOMB
Player C: BOMB!!!
by BOMB! August 20, 2008
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A game played when 2 or more friends are at an airport. The object being to include and accentuate the word "bomb" in casual conversation when going through security.
The Bomb Game:

friend 1: "Last night was such a BOMB night"

friend 2: "yea dude it was so BOMB, I hooked up with this BOMB chick"
friend 3: "This flight is about to be BOMB, I just bought some BOMB snacks."

security "these motherfuckers..."
by Obi Oki January 22, 2012
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