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The big boom is a massive cock similar in size to the boom of a sailboat
I'm going to give your mom the big boom tonight.

But we don't have a sailboat?
by h8ingnigs4life April 18, 2017
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Big boom is a large explosion.

Or just a really intense bed dance.
by FUNTIME M. October 3, 2019
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Teacher: join the kahoot. you never do.
Arabian: no thanks. making sandwich. lunch box ticking is normal.
Teacher: ok, join when you get a chance.
Arabian: that won't happen ever for me.

Teacher: big boom arabian. am i right
by zsfgeawf January 28, 2020
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<mythbusters> jamie want big boom
say it with me: jamie want big boom
by laughmaker5000 October 2, 2019
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A major dramatic, often disruptive or destructive, event.
When the Warlocks get back in town, there is going to be a big bang boom with the Hell's Angels!
by I, Wreckerrr February 3, 2016
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was used to express a crash, blast, explosion or escape from polices in the movie called "5th Element" by milla Jovovich(*hot)
"-...big bada boom!!"
by boreboy August 3, 2008
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In the west in 1886 Burning Bear said to Leaping Lizard "When the white man came to America they made great big c-boom.
by Jameson Owens April 18, 2008
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