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The general of all E3 and below during the legendary battle of the Six Fiftians and the creator of 'The Goat Fetus Age', The Zatl led his charge to overthrow Saint Johnny of the Christmas Clan by hiding satanic images throughout Johnny's work center. Angel Catz throughout Jackson Valley rejoiced as victory seemed to be within their grasp, that is, until a Sapr Dragon flew down from the North... The Zatl whilst drunk, climbed to the highest peak beyond The New River to face the beast but he was no match for the buddy fuckery he would inevitably succumb to. Shortly after his defeat The Zatl was banished from Jackson Valley and told never to return, eternally demoralizing the Six Fiftians.
Boot: "Who is The Zatl?"
NCO: "You dare speak his name in this place?! Negative counseling!"
Salty Lance Corporal in the shadows: "He is the one who destroyed countless NCO souls with each dehum he deflowered"
by Angelcatz420blazeit December 09, 2016
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