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A "news network" on Youtube that holds liberal opinions and is often overrun in the comments section by MRAs, college-aged liberals, fedora-wearing atheists, and other assorted numbskulls. TYT is often surprisingly short on intellectual content, and is made more banal by its staff members, such as:

Chunk Ogre - A mentally-challenged orangutan who disputes the historicity of the Armenian Holocaust, and is usually the first to talk about how lucky that 5-year-old boys who get molested by their female babysitters are. He tends to be overweight because his only exercise comes in the form of hand-waiving the notion that Islamic extremism is bad.

Ana Assparian - Gives the pussy-starved "nice guys" and MRAs in the comment section a reason to add a few more blisters to their tiny dicks and drool over something that isn't related to a congenital defect for a change. She expressed the sentiments of many regarding her co-worker Chunk when she yelled "Get off the stage, you fat fuck!" at Alex Jones.

John Iadorola - Sometimes make an appearance on TYT, but is more often spotted on "Think Tank," where he can be found doing the exact opposite. The hosts of this ironically-named segment can be found supplying deep and relevant information, such as "Do goats fake orgasms?" "How to tell if a goat is faking an orgasm," and "We asked goats to vote on what gives them orgasms: here's the top 10 responses."

They also have a bunch of other losers that nobody cares about.
The Young Turds (TYT) is the favorite source of news for those that are in college, but somehow have the reading and listening comprehension of a mentally-challenged, Red Bull-chugging goblin.
by dangitbobbeh August 06, 2016
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