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The Wobbler is a person, a thing, a god. its everything, and nothing, and VERY attractive. No man can resist. In mayan cultures it was considered the sun god. to the early sixties, black people called it 'big booties'.

From this phenomenon, a religious and scientific subject is created. Wobblism, the belief of the Wobbler, is for the people with deep love for the wobbler, and includes thy 10 commandments. as for wobblerology, it is the scientific study which includes the element Wobble (Wo), which is still being experimented on today. this element is very reactive and radio active.

As for history, it has been said from the beginning of time the wobbler was present. it was past from generation to generation, now is located in Brussels, Belgium, and its location is on (not mentioning name) the person with the initials D.C. and is female. in the early times the between was considered the holy grail, and there was no end to this bottomless awesomeness.

please fund the GluteusMaximus Wobbler foundation to help us investigate this phenomenon.
DAAAYYUUMM, check out the wobbler today. its vibrations are shaking me up... and the size has increased 3.563 %!!
by TheGluteusMaximus May 05, 2011
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