A play written by William Shakespeare circa 1610. Absolutely brilliant, as was the rest of his work. This play deals with Leontes, king of Sicily, who believes (mistakenly) that his wife Hermione is having an affair with his best friend Polixenes, king of Bohemia. Leontes appoints Camillo to poison Polixenes and imprisons Hermione, but Camillo believes in Polixenes' innocence and they leave for Bohemia together. Hermione has a baby while incarcerated (Leontes, naturally, accuses it of being Polixenes') and orders it to be burnt... Read the play if you'd like to know how it ends ;)

The Winter's Tale is what is known as a "problem play" as it has intense psychological drama in the first three acts but in the last two it is fairly comedic and results in a happy ending.
How exactly do you exemplify this?!?! Example: An example of a character in The Winter's Tale is Paulina, Hermione's lady-in-waiting.
by The_Raven October 07, 2006
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