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A phrase for when you smell weed in the vicinity, on a person, in the air, or just in general. Also referring to the potency of the plant.
"Dammit Shawn! Have you been smoking without me? I know you're lying, the wind cries Mary!"
"Shit son, the Mary cries like the wind. I think I'm gonna have to sit down."
by sabata March 28, 2015
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Letting out a fart that changes so much in pitch that it sounds like a Jimmy Hendrix guitar solo
Jacob: Hey Magnus, I just had the best fart in the bathroom
Magnus: Awesome, loud?
Jacob: Loud and a propper "The wind cries Mary"
Magnus: What?
Jacob: (does airguitar moves and makes guitar noices) You know changing the pitch so that it sounds like a propper guitar solo, The Jimmy Hendrix Experience
Magnus: (rolling on the floor laughing) hahahahaha
by Noia November 08, 2013
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