An employer or "Boss" who seeminlgy "wiggles" through obstructions and difficult situations in the his place of business in order to bennefit his constant obsession for financial gain.
"we totally screwed that customer over, good thing our boss is The Wiggler, he'll get out us out of this jamb"
by Mario September 15, 2004
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When you are in a rapist black colored room and hear the sound of a fish flopping around.
I was working and all of a sudden I heard a weird sound that sounded like a fish and then a creepy voice said "beware the wiggler" Then when I woke up, my ass hurt.
by Chewbie1101 August 04, 2011
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A gentleman who has unfortunately found himself in the grasp of a bull queer. Unknown to the wiggler his frantic wiggling is merely increasing the bull queers excitement, this in turn causes him to pound his engorged manhood into the wiggler with an ever increasing frequency.

Wigglers are usually small and pasty individuals who omit a high pitched squeal when penetrated.
Barry: Hey Larry, fancy coming down to cell block C? I heard they got a new wiggler in yesterday.
Larry: Yeah, why not.
by Clarkey July 05, 2004
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To rapidly press and depress the "whammy bar" or "tremolo bar" while rocking out on (a preferably plastic) guitar.

In real life generates o0o0o's and aaaaah's.
In guitar hero, generates more points.


"Time fooooor THE WIGGLERRR" *rocks out*
by Braven July 25, 2006
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V. To engage in suprise butt sex. (To insert erectile quickly and sneakily into the unsuspecting anal cavity of an individual)
Man, I gave my girlfriend the wiggler last night
by Cale Parrish November 30, 2007
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The white worms that come out your arse and make you itch
My wigglers are really itchy tonight
by Nimfatron9000 October 11, 2017
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