The act of dipping one's genitals (usually male) into the mouth of another, sleeping person (of either sex). Known to be an adolescent prank.
Whoa, did you see it? Dave totally wicked Bradley!
by Lefty December 14, 2004
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US ---> really,very, extremely
UK ---> cool, good, great, funky
France ---> (as 'terrible') great
1. That tune is wicked hot
2. That tune is wicked!
by renmus32 March 18, 2004
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In Northern Ireland the term wick is used to mean no good. Usually is replaced by other harsher words as a child gets older. Today one might say if something is wick, 'it sucks'.
That movie is completely wick.
by JB June 18, 2006
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A person who lies and does anything A Wick would say that u'd beg to smoke with him when he doesn't
by John langer April 25, 2010
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meaning long dreads, braids, or twists. predominantly used in florida and down south.
lil john got dat wick.
lil wayne got dat wick.
by jimmyboy727 January 9, 2008
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origins: Boston, Massachusetts, but is now commonly used all over New England. If you're from Iowa (or anywhere that isn't New England) and you use this word, you sound like a dumb ass.

Definition: very, really, so, totally.
Example: That party was wicked awesome.

*Note: to properly use 'wicked' there must be a adjective placed after it. 'That party was wicked' is not correct.*
by Nikki January 28, 2004
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A slang term for a man's penis
"Man, you got one small wick"
by FunKboi August 6, 2005
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