Describes the uncoordinated, rhythmless nature of which a person tries to dance. It originated from the (white man) but has crept into other races across the globe as many men and women stumble on the dance floor in attempts to (cut a rug).

However, when this "dance" is initiated by a female, it is known at the White Girl Dance. It also originated from the female caucasian persuasion, but has crept its way into other ethnicities.
"Hey Mark, how was the club last night?"
"It sucked ass!"
"But I heard you met a hot-ass girl!"
"She was doing the White Girl Dance."
"Yeah.... so I left her on the dance floor. And then she ended up with some dude, doing the White man's dance."
by C.Bernard March 29, 2006
The process of washing your car and having it rain the next day.
God damn it Chad, I washed my car yesterday and its already raining. Dude thats the white man rain dance.
by DBCdestroyers September 18, 2011