A neighborhood in lower Manhattan that houses Karlie Kloss. Rich people live here. People who live here often send their kids to private schools such as: St. Luke's, VCS, City and Country, LREI, Grace Church & Friends Seminary.. (also known as the "DISC" schools) The difference between the West Village (TWV) and other areas of Manhattan is the modesty. TWV has it, the upper east side and TriBeCa don't. In TWV people are more low key with they're bragging. Subtly name dropping, label always facing out, etc. Baisically, if you live in TWV You're Rich af & you almost definitely go to a private school. (but this is New York City... Everybody goes to a private school.)
"Woah did you see that girl, she had on Lulu Lemon Leggings & a Celine Bag." "Yeah she must live in the west village"
by Can you go now? yes? yes. June 18, 2015
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The western portion of Greenwich Village. In all practicality, it is, for the most part, all of Greenwich Village except New York University.
by trojanman11 April 29, 2011
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An area of dining, dorms and apartments at Towson University it is perhaps the most overrated and bullshit thing this university has to offer. It is supposedly the best place to stay on campus and all the students living there will always try to one up you if you live anywhere else. People have coined west village, “west privilege” but in reality there is no privilege in living here apart from the honor of being a dumbass. The truth is this is the worst place to stay on campus because it sucks. You pay thousands of extra dollars to live here just to basically get your own bathroom in your dorm. The dorms are nothing different than anywhere else except the bathroom. You still have to share your bathroom with your roommate. The location is by far the worst of any of the dorm buildings on campus. You have to walk forever to get anywhere on campus. Nothing outside west village is close and that means all the academic buildings, the library, union building, and most dining options. The west village dining hall has also been known to have rats and mice in it too.
I live in West Village so I have to walk everywhere
by Schneider December 18, 2019
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A group of boys living in Village homes, or very, very near it. Their favorite activities involve smoking buds, drinking a few beers, maybe an occasion basket ball game, super smash, playing 3 flies up in the village pool, gardening, and in general- just loving life. You may be able to find them in the russel feilds, the meat lab, dan's house, the big green, the skate park, power inn, in a bush, and of course, west manner. But the villagers are certainly not perfect, they all have tempers. One might kick that jolly fake snowman on your lawn at christmas, if aggravated. One might steal your buds, if annoyed. One might not let you inside when it's raining, if unsure. But hey! that's what makes them THEM! Oh yeah, and how can i forget. They all look up to cody.
i think i'm gonna drink with the west davis villagers in the feilds.
by villageho2010 December 12, 2010
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