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A crappy lameass porno rip off of An American Werewolf In London made by Encyclopedia Dramatica Productions and directed by Odd Guy.

The movie features nothing but lame meme references and shit no one cares about including rape scenes involving the 'Mariana' character being forced to strip for the admins who play themselves in this movie.

Zaiger is one of the the actors in the movie and serves the title as 'The Villainous Leader' of the group, Odd Guy is the resident manipulative bastard and finally...there's Magnum, a villain so insane he makes Norman Bates seem tame by comparison.

The movie has terrible makeup and special effects and the werestallone and werejohncandy designs were made on a no-strings-at-all budget and are just some of the EDiots in badly made animatronic suits.

The fact that not a single one of the EDiots hasn't got any actual acting talent makes this movie a whole lot worse.
"Did you see the Cinema Snob's review of The Werenude?"

"I did, boy that movie sucked. Encyclopedia Dramatica is the online equilavalent to Seltzer and Friedberg."

"The movie was a direct rip off of an American Werewolf In London, and the rape scenes were disgusting."

"Magnum was the worst character of all...he's a total douchebag in the movie and also goes completely psycho near the end."
by MM132 April 03, 2012
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