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this is when you are having sex with a girl and one of your buddy's is hiding on the floor for your cue with a pillow in his hand.. then when you say now! he pops up and whacks her with the pillow . then you and your buddy scream wwwwaaaayyynnneeee gggrreeettssskkkyyy!!!!
so sally is banging baby greg and he is hitting it doggy style and when he is getting close to climax he says now and billy pops up off the floor and whacks sally right in the face with a pillow and screams the wayne gretsky!! and then u go about your business
by drew massa September 17, 2007
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The act or process of having sexual intercourse with an attractive individual of the opposite sex while an accomplice bursts forth from a closet and strikes the individual whom you are having sex with about the head with a hockey stick.
Man! That chick is so hot, I'd give her a Wayne Gretsky.
by Matt March 08, 2005
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