A four piece garage rock band from Detroit, Michigan. Only famous for their one hit one wonder "C'mon C'mon" and their lead singer Jason Stollsteimer getting the shit beat out of him by Jack White.
#1: "The Von Bondies? Never heard of them."
#2: "They're that band whose lead singer got KO'd by Jack White."
by P Banger November 28, 2009
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AWESOME Detroit garage-rock band. Consists of Jason Stollsteimer (lead vocals, guitar), Marcie Bolen (guitar, vocals), Carrie Smith (bass, vocals), and Don Blum (drums). Basically 2 cute guys and 2 cute girls with a great sound and great fashion sense. Aquainted with Jack White of the White Stripes.
The Von Bondies are the best new music out there now! yuh!
by Mairead March 15, 2004
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great band. better than the white stripes. in other words white stripes suck and the von bondies rock. lead singer Jason Stollsteimer got beaten up by jack white.
Jason: "You're a fucking douche!"
Jack: "I Dont wanna hear about it."
Jason: "you suck major balls!"
Jack: "Now I'm gonna serve it to you bitch!"

Jason gets douched by Jack White. Jack goes to court.
by Monserrat March 28, 2004
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