When a woman who’s never had sex feels like they’re pregnant after a prolonged period no menstruation
I haven’t gotten my period in 2 months I’m having the Virgin Mary pregnancy scare!!!
by Gardenofolives October 8, 2019
A nauseous feeling in the morning that occurs with a female virgin who is not on their period. Since they are not on their period, they cannot be sick due to period cramps. And since they have never had sex, they cannot have morning sickness due to pregnancy unless they are pregnant with the Christ.
My mother thought I was coming down with something, but it turned out to just be Virgin Mary Morning Sickness.
by The Morphist April 8, 2015
When you have intercourse with a girl on her period then pull out to let them clean the penis with their mouth. More than likely they are new to this so there for a virgin. If your lucky her name will be??
Find a girl named Mary that is on her period and VERY HORNY!! Therefore called the "Virgin Bloody Mary"
by buster b- December 16, 2011
A sexually active teenage girl who does everything except vaginal sex. Yet she still believes that she's a virgin.
Me: You had a threesome with two guys from the basketball team?
Her: I was taking it at both ends at the same time. It was great.
Me: So you're not a virgin anymore.
Her: No, I'm still a virgin because it didn't go into my vagina.
Me: So I guess that makes you the Anal Virgin Mary?
by WileECoyote.genius August 28, 2019
a women how give birth to the son of god, without sexual activities. That's why she is a virgin
i have no idea what to write in the example so im going to write "virgin mary"