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The Villas are the apartment complex next to SF State University. It's very large, over 1,000 apartments. Most neighbors get upset at the college students who are loud at night when drinking alcohol and smoking controlled subtances, and wished they had more money to live somewhere else. But for now, they will have to deal with parties and thizzraeli educations.
The Villas suck, but at least I can wake up five minutes before class.
by Paul B... February 17, 2008
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the villa is the most chammaki compound on this planet. every single day you will find atleast a group of 30 kids smoking drinking and going crazy. there is always wild parties and kids going crazy in the villa everyday.
i’m so bored, let me call everyone else to meet me in the villa
guys let’s leave dubai mall and go party in the villa
by abbassssssss December 03, 2019
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