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A sexual experience that will rock your socks
This is the procedure on how to correctly achieve the venus fly trap.
(1.) Male lies on his back.
(2.)Male spreads his legs open like a V shape outward into the air.
(3.) The female commences to stroke the asshole of the male with her tongue.
(4.) When the male alludes the females tongue firmly caressing his ass hairs, the male must abruptly clasp his butt cheeks together, thus clamping the females tongue within his hairy derriere.

It is suggested to be naked or in asscheekless chops to pull this off as easily and comfortably as possible.
Last night Justin went out in his butt cheekless chops and picked up a few harlets. Let's just say a few tongues got trapped in his hairy asshole, because he perfected "the venus fly trap".
by Joshua Phillip November 05, 2006
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