A typical girl at Vanguard University of Southern California. She has wavy blonde hair, green eyes, is short, and unnaturally, rediculously, skinny. She wears baggy ripped jeans, rainbows, loves little african babies, and has an equally annoying boyfriend. She also has a tatoo on her inner wrist with a faith related saying in cursive letters, and thinks she was the first one to get it.
A Vanguard girl loves Africa, dresses bohemian, shops at urban outfitters, and has an iphone.
by LexiB February 10, 2009
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Typically wears flannel or plaid of some kind, occasionally combined with a loose fitting beanie. They find it tantalizing to not shower or practice any form of hygiene, for the purpose of not prohibiting their “manhood.” Vanguard boys enjoy listening to emo, indie or rock music, in an attempt to pursue originality and diversity in their musical tastes. Plays or at least owns some form of guitar, surfboard, skateboard and Toms shoes (in order to accurately display their love for needy children in 3rd world countries).

When it comes to dating and relationships, Vanguard boys consist of 2 categories: The first insists on dating nobody, either out of their fear for the opposite sex or for the purpose of waiting for their perfect future spouse. The other insists on dating everybody, keeping their options open and unrestricted. In extreme cases Vanguard boys have dated roommates simultaneously, disregarding female societal norms.

CAUTION: Vanguard Boys are prone to commit and initiate several coffee rendezvous and intentional conversations on Vanguard’s bench or block- but nothing more- real dates are for real men!

At first Vanguard boys emphasize their spirituality in the relationship, showing you their softer theological side but eventually break up with you to “pursue all that God has for them.”

CAUTION: Confusion comes into play because first you must actually be “in a relationship” for him to break up with you.
A proper use of the term “Vanguard Boy” can be in reference but is not limited to any of the following terms: egotistical, immature, manipulative, shallow, afraid, awkward, unhygienic, two-faced, and a tool.

**Due to the generalization of “Vanguard Boy” there are very few exceptions and limitations please consult a Vanguard girl if you have nay questions or concerns**
by brownbaby1127 November 16, 2009
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A typical Vanguard girl will find a way to have school spirit even though her attempts are ultimately futile.

She is in love with the idea of third world countries and enjoys explaining why she enjoyed her mission trip so much using the phrase "It changed my life." She usually leaves out the part about how it affected the foreigners, but this is just a minor detail.

During her time out of the classroom she is either at the beach or going to Disneyland (because she has a pass...for life).

The most dangerous Vanguard girls fall into two categories: women studies majors and theater majors. If you are a male and see either, run before you testicles are either chopped off or "monologued" to death. Either way, your balls are gone.

As stated before, most Vanguard girls will have a tattoo or piercing of some sort on their body (mostly wrist tattoos). These tattoos consist of either a Bible verse or a single word that truly represents their feelings (the most common being "Beloved"). The tattoo usually contains doves breaking out of chains (symbolizing their internal struggle against the forces of darkness).

Lastly Don't bother dating a Vanguard girl if you want a quick hook-up. Statistically speaking, 1 in 2 Vanguard girls will find someone to date and marry them as soon as possible to justify losing their virginity. They will usually find out this was a bad decision after their first child and find out it isn't "fun" or "hip" to be a mother at 19.
I saw a Vanguard girl today...I married her and had 2 kids.
by thevanguardian2 August 23, 2009
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Expensive AF mask for frontliners
"Mikey is every day looking more like a man"
"He is wearing a Vanguard Mask"
by joseph alfred dom September 08, 2020
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"Vanguard Champ" - (n)
A gamer who typically hogs kills, never offers help with objectives, nor do they rescue a teammate in need unless it benefits them in return. In a nutshell - a selfish gamer. When one of these people enter an objective-based multiplayer game, they instantly turn it into a "team death match". These types of gamers will run around, deliberately stealing your kills to get massive killstreaks. In the process of doing this, they ignore you completely as if you're not even there, and will let you die or possibly team-kill you if there is enough reward for them. But once they're about to die, they demand your help until it is given. If they lose their "doughnut" (aka, they die), they will throw a 'BF' and whine about it for the rest of the day incessantly.
Oh, you just team-killed your friend to get a few kills... you're such a Vanguard Champ
by Boise Badkid July 20, 2011
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Crazy. Not just standard crazy, we're talking out-of-this-world, gotta get some under the table shit from your nutso cousin who's pretending he's a flamingo crazy. Not only biologically programmed to harass a male for a wedding ring everytime they open their mouths, but as of late have been affected negatively by an 'El Nino'-like attack of knowledge, whereby they will argue any and all theological and social problems of society at present because they saw Blood Diamond and they know.
"Hey man, what's the deal with Katie?"
"Nah man, she's just another Vanguard Girl"
"Ah fuck... what'd she do? Not worse than Liz..?!"
"Dude. I should've turned around after she verbally berated me for not wearing Tom's Shoes."
by The Hymen Remover December 16, 2009
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A typical Guy at Vanguard University of Southern California can always be spotted with a board. Whether it be a penny board, long board, or surf board.

These guys like to live a relaxed life and will usually be seen sporting a quiff or a man bun. These boys never take life seriously and are always surrounded by the ladies.

Many vanguard guys claim to be attending Vanguard for their love of Jesus Christ when in reality they're more in love with the student ratio of 5:1 with the girls dominating the campus.

The amount of women constantly surrounding these guys turns many of them into egocentric airheads, but on occasion you can still find a down to earth vanguard guy.
"Did you see that man? He's such a vanguard Guy."
by Vanguardgirl0528 September 28, 2016
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