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A Gang/Political Party/World Order led by the enigma "JF." JF approves their messages. JF is the being that communicates to their dearly departed idol and savior, Martin Van Buren. He is one of only two presidents to have the same amount of letters in their last name as their presedential number (Van Buren = 8, 8th president). Their opposition is Ronald Reagan, John Quincy Adams, and Andrew Jackson, the other president as stated above. The Van Burens carry around zinc knucks and are capable of unprecedented mass destruction. Their gang sign is holding up their left hand, connecting the pointer finger and thumb, and holding up their right hand normally. They are currently working on a coup d'tat in Zambia and will use this as their fulcrum to conquering Africa. Watch out, they may come to your town. They are headquartered in Rochester, NY and Indiana (India NA!).
Rochester, NY Van Buren Boys JF Illuminati

Watch out for The Van Burens. I heard they are recruiting.
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