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A sexual act similar to the Korean Spine Tingler, but with an added twist resembling the Chinese Astronaut. A man screams, "herrow pwe" while standing over a woman. He then proceeds to "machine gun fart" thus warming up his bowels, at which point the woman plays with his "flesh flute" playing to the tune of the Pokemon theme song. The man then releases excrement onto said woman's vagina. Woman then releases the flesh flute and starts to rub the bowel movement into her swampy love box. The man proceeds to piss down the woman's throat and gargles. The man then gets in the 69 position and then slurps the feces from the woman's swampy love box and drinks the urine.
Vic: "Guess what I did last night?"
Nate: "Attended a midget convention?"
Vic: "Ha. I wish, but no. I performed my infamous sex move!"
Nate: "No way! The V Duong Act?!!!"
Vic: "Yup."
Nate: "I think you still have some shit on your face..."
by Sex Goddess 101 January 24, 2010
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