The best Emo/screamo band next to Taking Back Sunday

also an amazing band which is being ruined by skanky 14 year old groupie fan girls who run around the concerts, half dressed shouting "LYK OMG BERT UR SO F-ING HOTT I LYK LUV U AND I WANNA HAVE UR BABIES!!!!!1111!!!1!11!"
The Used is an awesome rock band who (unlike the rap artists out there)have the talent of playing their own instrument.
by drunkenkitty December 28, 2004
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I wouldn't say that they're the best band in the world, but at this moment in my life, I love their music so f**king much. I can't go 5 minutes without listening to Bert McCracken's wide range of vocals. I wake up and go to sleep to their Maybe Memories CD, especially Noise and Kisses, Poetic Tragedy, and Box Full of Sharp Objects.
I can't wait until The Used's new CD comes out in August!
by Diaonna Hughes July 02, 2004
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an emo band from utah made up of Bert McCracken (Vocals), Branden Steineckert (Drums/Vocals), Quin Allman (Guitar/Vocals), and Jeph Howard (Base/Vocals) they have 4 cds, "Demos From the Basement", Self Titled, "Maybe Memories CD/DVD"(DVD is Videos and LA Concert) and In Love And Death. Bert is an Ex-heroin addict, and brandens never drunk or done drugs, and quinns the youngest, Jeph had dreds
Then in violent, frustration, he cries out to God or just no one Is there a point to this madness and all that he was.... Is just a tragedy

He feels alone His heart in his hand He's alone He feels alone I feel....

So he voyages in circles Succeeds getting nowhere And submits to the substance That first got him there

Then on that last day he breaks And he stood tall And he yelled... and he takes his life

Poetic Tradgedy- The Used
by A fan who can read May 30, 2005
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the used are a band from orem, utah. they have four albums (demos from the basement, the used, maybe memories, in love and death) and are the middle of recording their next cd. Another cd/dvd named "berth" is to be released feb 6 2007.
They have released 9 singles and their next single "handsome awkward" is to be released in the next year.

The band consists of four members:
Robert "Bert" McCracken (vocals)
Quinn Allman (guitar, back up vocals)
Jeph "Jepha" Howard (bass, back up vocals)
Dan Whitesides (drummer)

Their previous members include brandon steineckert who was the original drummer and founder for the band, greg bester, a guitarist that toured with the band in the 00's and joel (no other name given) who played bass when the used first formed in the 90's.
Originally bassist Jepha, was the lead vocalist for the band, but he decided that he prefered bass, so the band recruited bert mccracken, who at the time was under treatment for drug abuse, to front the band.

On september 12th, the used announced on their official website that their drummer branden was no longer part of the band and that they owed him much graditude. A month later they announced drummer dan whitesides (drummer for the new transit direction) to replace him.

Previous drummer Branden, has been chosen by the band rancid to replace former drummer Brett Reed.

The used are set to headline the north american taste of chaos.
by carlza December 07, 2006
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Standing up for The Used:
1) the used are not satanic
2) they do not expose themselves at concerts
3) they dont ahve naked women runnign round on stage
4) Quinn Allman is gorgeous
5) you think they suck? just because theyre not the music YOU listen to doesnt mean they suck
6) im not emo. but emos dont jsut live to cut.
7) quinn is an amazing guitarist.
8) is you download some of ther music without the vocals. and actually LISTEN to the music. you can see how amazing ther musical skills really are.
9) they are not drug addicts. bert mccracken once was. but after dating kelly osborne and seeing how screwed up she was. he stopped
10) bert mccracken doesnt only scream. he sings. he has a beautiful voice that he can turn hard core at times but in more gentle songs his voice is awesome.

ps. if you say he cant sing and the used suck...not only do you fuck your grandma..but id like you to get up and try to get a sound that sounds like the used. cuz its impossible. the used are like no other
quinn allman is gorgeous.
bert mccracken is awesome.
jeph is sweet.
brandon is a badass.

and anti-theused's eat shit

the used is all together fucking amazing
by ?.>taste of ink<.? August 16, 2006
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The Used-After AFI, they are most definetly the best band on the face of the earth! And who cares if Bert McCraken spit on your friend?! I'd pay to have Bert McCraken spit me! THE USED ARE AWESOME! (and they arent no fucking pop punk band! so screw you!)
The Used are what i live for!
by GCKA September 14, 2003
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