the act of taking two 15 inch black dildos and tieing them together with a string like nunchucks. while shiving one up your ass you then swing the free dildo around and sneak up behind your partner and hit them with it. thus creating a ninja like expirience.
i gave The Urban Ninja to my boyfriend last night because he said i wasnt adventurous enough.
by The Urban Flame February 5, 2011
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Someone who practices parkour or freeruning.
Dude didja see that freakin urban ninja do a backflip offa that building!?
by m dog dd March 25, 2006
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A person in dark clothing who darts out in front of your moving car at night. Any person appearing out of nowhere in an urban setting.
God damn these urban ninjas! You can never see where they come from. One day I'm gonna accidently run over one of these motherfuckers on the way to Taco Bell!
by Sgt. Abe Carver October 4, 2004
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modernized ninjas.
holden is a motherfucking urban ninja yo
by holden March 6, 2004
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its seems like a urban black Pussy cat jumping, rolling and running atop of your roof sometimes its gonna anoying and noisy(meowwww) while they f*cking each others @ss.
urban ninja : have you seen my Urban Black pussy Cat kicking mouse ass? running inside the ceiling? ... oh yah, hey cat what are you doing there inside,(meowwww)(nowwwwww) damn cat, you shutup i can't sleePPP
by AccessGranted November 8, 2006
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A raging, pwnaging, art whoring, kickass painter by the name of Eleine who goes by depresedescapist on deviantart and UrbanNinja on GFX.

Note: I don't usually act like this, I just happen to be particularly hyper right about now.
person 1: OMG did you see Urban Ninja's art on DA? IT'S F*ING AWESOME!

Person 2: Um... HELL YES!!! Where the hell have you been? It was pwnaging since before you were born! In fact, since before the almightly ninja was born!
by Eleine May 9, 2005
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A group of free runners who are hired to do things like Sabotage, Beat up people, Espionage etc.
Fred: Jerry! The Dark Star Runners are coming for you!

Jerry: That Urban Ninja Clan! Oh shit I better get my tazer and pepper spray.
by Dark Star Runners December 24, 2009
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