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The facts of this war have been handed down from generation to generation, and now must be told. Long before the infamous Manganaro lived, before Australia became popular for its Olympics, there was a War in the western Suburbs of Sydney. Here a conlict started as to who owned the entitlments to the Area Bum. The Allies (Yobos, Albino Aboriginals, Drunks, bar Flies, The Communist Party and Booze Hounds) gave the ultimatum that if the Axis (The Beavaria State, Little Lebannon, Australian Soccer Fed.,EHBTH Staff, Mintonians, The Nazi Party and The Labour Party) to leave the area known as Campletown. They did not. Thus the actions after that would form the War of the West. Weapons of Monitor Destruction (See WOMD) were deployed, beer cans thrown aplenty, and blood and alcohol spilt everywhere. After significant death the area was divided into two sections: One for the Allies, and one for the Axies. Soon, the Beavarian populus was realised by all to be the scum of the world and sent to the south wes suburb of Panania, where it set up state. The War was never spoken of again, until now.
The Unwritten War of The West has now been written!
by Robert Manganaro March 20, 2004
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