The University Of Kansas is a fine institution located in Lawrence, Kansas. KU is known for having a strong Greek system. KU is on most of the top lists for having a greek system. KU attracts more of the affluent and beautiful people from Johnson County, Wichita, Chicago, Minnesota, and other places around the country. Most of the kids that KU pulled girls and had friends in high school. Most of the kids that were rejects and were ugly fucklings in high school attend Kansas state from KC or Wichita or even western kansas, because they have a better chance of getting into a better house at K-State than they would at KU and they are farm boys. At KU, our greek system has the best of the best kids. We don't like any NF GDI pussy creep fucks in our house like K-State. Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide, and T-shirts with greek letters on them are popular on campus, unlike at kstate, where american eagle and overalls are cool. Here at KU we have one of the best bar scenes in the country, where you will see any bar packed from wednesday to saturday. If you are from Kansas City, you will most likely see your reject high school friends who went off to JCCC, Mizzou, Pitt State, and specifically K-State at the hawk on a weekly basis. If they're are any reasonable examples to prove the reasoning of why KU is the best school in the KC metro area, Drive through Mission Hills (where everybody dreams of living when they are adults) and count how many KU flags there are compared to K-State flags.
K-State fan: Yelling EMAW from the Trailer park in Garden City.
The University Of Kansas fan: Yelling Rock Chalk from a Leawood Mansion.
by mclovin69696969 April 21, 2015
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A school in Wichita, KS who's initials are F.U.C.K. Name was changed due to this.
Hey, where are you going to college?

I'm going to Friends University.

Dude, wasn't it Friends University of Central Kansas?

Nah, dude they changed it because the initials spelled FUCK.

by ckuf November 23, 2009
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