Formost school of naval knowledege and practice in the world. produces both sailors and marines that kick ass and take names.
That marine L.T that shows Marines are the best came from The United States Naval Academy
by Anonymous August 5, 2003
With the hottest uniforms, the most beautiful campus, the best looking guys, and located in the greatest city in all the lands, The United States Naval Academy can very easily be called the finest military institution in the world. It produces kick ass sailors and marines and who else has the blue angels??? March ons, fly bys, naptown, army/navy, kick ass... oh yess
lets go downtown and find some middies! ;)
by flynavy March 23, 2005
The Severn Higher Institute of Technology aka the place where a $268,000 education is shoved up your anus 1 nickel at a time.
Damnit Mom, I don't want to go back to The United States Naval Academy, it's IHTFP every day there.
by scubasteve March 30, 2005
An institution of higher learning where young men go to better themselves through a college degree and a career as a naval officer upon graduation, e.g. a million dollar education shoved up ones ass, a nickel at a time.
Graduates of this institution are generally arrogant and believe themselves to be better than any of their fellow officers who did not become so by being a graduate of the naval academy (such as persons who became officers through NROTC programs, direct commissions or through OCS). These officers usually display their USNA class rings in an overly proud and flamboyant fashion, earning them the name "Ringknockers".
The United States Naval Acedmy is located in Annapolis, Maryland.
by USNA June 10, 2005
A school designed to be utter hell but to fortify your future where other academy grads provide you jobs regardless of your competence. Midshipmen training includes condescension, premature judgments, and spreading pain previously received by the trainer because "it happened to them." Lieutenants act like Admirals and Senior midshipmen act like Lieutenants, while Senior Enlisted generally take out their own suffering and marital problems on the midshipmen. The average Naval Academy midshipman is a bro and drinking is a competitive sport. Service selection is based fifty percent on how well you hide your flaws from the public as well as general butt kissing. Alumni love the Naval Academy because their brains have blocked out the negative memories and only left the positives.
"I went to the United States Naval Academy, I loved it!"
"Really? Why?"
"Uh, Its great!"
by The Beast Master Fresh June 17, 2009
The singular place of education where you can empower the United States Navy to shove a million dollar education up your ass a nickel at a time. The graduates, frequently known as "ringknockers" proudly display their trophy in the most arrogant and assholish fashion possible, peering down their noses at people who were direct commissions or graduated from NROTC units at other universities nationwide. These people go on to lead what tehy consider to be elitist lives and frequently get their asses kicked at squadron parties by many an aviator.
"I graduated from the United States Naval Academy, class of 1998. Where did YOU graduate from?"
by Lieutenant Annapolis Sucks September 15, 2006
The United States "service academy" that claims to be the hardest in the nation. Only there can you find carpeted barracks' (or rather dormitories), people to do your laundry for you, people to clean your barracks' for you (once again, rather dormitories), and people to serve you your meals. The sissies there that call themselves midshipmen are given a commission into the US Navy or Marine Corp only to prove to other officers how arrogant they are wearing their expensive rings around as if they actually earned them. The unfortunatre truth is that they stopped earning them several years ago.
Unlike other service academies, the United States Naval Academy fails to live up to it's name and traditions.
by Mathew Bauman March 19, 2006