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a prison for average student athletes that didn't have the grades to be directly admitted into West Point. It is a place to be treated like a 12 year old and too lose one's soul, zest for life, and will to succeed.

an extra year of high school where students improve their study skills and are cooped up with the same 246 people for an entire year. The curriculm entails "buddy fucking", how to break the rules without being caught, and how to deal with a group of individuals who are either normal (rare), ignorant, or socially inept. If you like being told when to go to bed, cut off from society, socially and sexually deprived; this is the place for you.
"My recruiter told me I was attending the number 1 college in the United States, when really, I was just going to The United States Military Academy Preparatory School or daycare."
by #prepschoolproblems November 21, 2011
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