The metaphorical act of mechanically clearing out the bowel area by the rectal insertion of said umbrella, opening it and removing it from within the individual while it remains in the open state, thus replicating the result akin to that of an enema. This act is suggested as a remedy to the individual subsequent to their having passed some particularly pungent gas.
"Jesus Bob, that fart was evil! You so need an umbrella pull through!"
by splatharri February 13, 2018
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immediate shelter in a disaster but if hung on a coat rack it will not pop up
i need an umbrella rack so when this thing pops up its not stuck under my coat
by swellsoundsthatkill January 31, 2022
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Somebody who physically or digitally stalks a target as well as their friends and/or family members.
My sister's ex is such an umbrella stalker. He stalks her and her best friend. He used three different names to try friending and messaging me on Facebook.
by Atherton Wing September 24, 2020
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The activity in which you are carrying an umbrella and walking with or towards others who have umbrellas and you attempt to pass each other without your umbrellas hitting each other by moving the umbrellas so that there is room between them all.
"We were playing umbrella tetris all the way to work with those guys."
by Z... September 13, 2011
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