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A cartoon on Newgrounds - one which parodies The Ultimate Showdown (of Ultimate Destiny). It is vile, yet has an odd, humorous appeal. I advise you don't watch it, though if you do, you'll bust your ass laughing. Consider yourself warned.

Full title: The Ultimate Orgy of Homosexuality.
Old Godzilla was fucking around
Tokyo City like a big playground,
when suddenly Batman jizzed from the shade,
and hit Godzilla with a bat-cum spray...

... This is the Ultimate Orgy,
of Homosexuality...

... Cue porno music, a funky, jive chorus.
Down from the heavens, came naked Chuck Norris.
Who discovered a dick as hard as bones,
attached to the crotch of Indiana Jones,
who bent over on the ground, smiling with glee,
as Batman changed into Ron Jeremy...

... The champion stood,
the women got wetter,
Mr. Rogers, in a cum-stained sweater...
by Amerikaner October 14, 2006
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