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A book series written by Stephenie Meyers about a teen girl, Bella, who falls for a vampire, Edward. The series is basically about her and Edward's developing relationship and Bella eventually turns into a vampire so she can spend her life with a guy she met like a year ago and throws all her non-vampire relationships (ex. family, friends) away. For a guy she met literally a year ago.

Edward is also a pedophile, seeing as how he's over a century old and Bella is only around 17. However, despite the blatant romanticizing of pedophilia, suicide, and teenage pregnancies, this series is still fairly popular for whatever reason.
Fan of Twilight: Oh my god, Edward from the Twilight series is so hot! He and Bella are my One True Pairing!1!!1!
Rational Person: Um... you do know that that ship romanticizes pedophilia and abuse, right? Edward is actually kind of abusive, not to mention he's 117.
by haha irdk November 11, 2020
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A series of books written by Stephenie Meyer. The seires is based on a human named Bella Swan that falls for a mysterious boy named Edward Cullen. She later finds out that Edward is not at all what she expected. As the plot unfolds Bella realizes that moving to the little town of Forks, Washington was not at all what she expected. She learns about things that to most people doesnt exist.

Yes this series is a forbidden love story. But it is not at all a ClichΓ©. This series is like none i have ever read. I don't understand why so many people are putting it down. In my opinion it is an amazing series about how two star-crossed lovers overcome their obsticals.

I highly recomend these books.
Julie:"What is all this talk about The Twilight Series?"
Tonya: "It's a really great series of books by Stephenie Meyer. I would highly recomend you read the series"
by TinySnow December 13, 2008
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