YOU may not have heard about the Truman show. so basically there's this TV studio and they ARE creating this entire fictional world for this one guy named Truman. Truman has no idea he's IN A TV SHOW and his entire world is a high-tech dome in Hollywood. Eventually, actors slipping up, and some technology malfunctioning convince him to TRY TO ESCAPE. It turns out that HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE ARE ROOTING FOR him, but few were ever able to get into the dome. If YOU hadn't known what the movie was before, now you have.
In the Truman show, the exit is at the edge of the dome, a few miles across the water.
by udontknowmeidontknowu March 8, 2021
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events or things turning out so perfectly, seemingly being staged or directed
Pat: "hey guys let's all meet here tomorrow at 6am for our trip.Don't forget your stuff."
Next day...
Guys: "Pat wake up! It's already 6am! we're all here and all set up in the van! We got all our stuff ready. Let's go!"
Pat: "What's this? Am I in some kinda truman show?! You guys are always late and missing all the stuff we need!"
by Zabster February 9, 2008
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(V). The act of being elected to high political office and then using your connections and money as leverage to orchestrate a large scale reality TV show with hundreds of millions of your constituents.
"Did you hear? Another administration official was just fired! The President even tweeted about it." "Oh, really? Wow. It's so crazy it always feel like someone is Truman showing us."
by 5am Diego September 30, 2017
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Theres a few things about the Truman show that fuck with your head. Jim Carrey is a somewhat tall actor, and you think of a Truman character as being a short guy with Napoleon's syndrome. Marlon seems more like a guy that would bring a 40 by and want to listen to reggae music after work (with a bluetooth device in his ear) than a white guy with blond hair who shows up with a 6 pack, if he's not an Italian guy that wants to talk business with you. It's not a bad movie, there are just a few inconsistencies about it.
The Truman Show is different than what you would think it would be. It's not meant to be funny, but it's also not a sad movie either. It's kind of like a part of hell, a slice of hell taken from the rest of hell broke loose.
by Solid Mantis October 6, 2020
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When trying to get to your destination by car and every alternate route you try is jam-packed with bumper-to-bumper traffic, especially during rush-hour.
Boss: Why were you late this morning, Johnson?

Johnson: Truman Show Traffic, sir. I tried six different ways to get here, and each time I ran into heavy congestion.
by bbbbbbbostonian September 15, 2010
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An event or series of events where you get feeling that people are watching you or even trying to alter your thoughts or actions in accordance to their script. The term comes from the 1998 movie, The Truman Show. Especially true when brought on by an occurrence similar to one in the movie itself.

If this happens too often see paranoia or narcissism.
SeaBass: Dude, I just had a Truman Show moment!
SquirrelMaster: How's that?
SeaBass: I was driving in my car, and on the radio they started talking about our small town, and they never do that!
SquirrelMaster: Maybe you should get that checked out.
SeaBass: My radio?
SquirrelMaster: No, your head...
by Bvas November 24, 2007
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To spend time doing something with the intent that it will contribute to a specific goal or project only to realize after completion that this had no positive productive value and was a complete waste of time.
"Man, I need to write a paper about suburbia in popular culture, but I decided to watch a movie that didn't actually have anything to do with that. I hate when I pull a Truman Show, brah."
by Robin B. April 26, 2008
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