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A new style of warfare created by United States President Donald J. Trump in the fall of 2015, prior to his inauguration. The Troll Wars as we now know them began in January, 2017 when he officially took office. In a troll war, the two opposing sides create internet discord by getting mobs of strangers on the internet to pick a side on specific issues and then fight on that sides behalf, this activity usually takes place on the social media website Twitter, but it is not limited to any one specific social media.

A true troll war is typically started by an elite or power figure in society for the purposes of pushing a different, usually hidden agenda then the one they are publicly backing.
"The Troll Wars started when Donny T. said Mexico was gonna pay for the wall on Twitter, now our Avocado prices have risen .60 cents a piece."
by Efshaw January 31, 2017
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