Usually performed by a Persian man w/ a well endowed NOSE. This procedure is performed on a woman before sexual intercourse. This will prepare her for the event. It is done by placing the large nose in the vagina and at the same time, you must finger her clit and toss her salad.
Hey Dude, did you sleep w/ her last nite? Yeah, but first I did the tripod.
by J.P. Shepherd August 27, 2007
When you do vertical splits standing on one leg and your partner stands behind you straddle legged and enters you from behind.
That dancer sure is flexible, I bet he's good at tripoding.
by teddyrex February 22, 2010
Fingering a girls clitoris while having your nose in her vagina & tossing her salad (ass licking) at the same time. This is usually done by a man with a large nose of Persian descent.
Hey Dude, did you go down on her? Yeah, I gave her the Tripod.
by J.P. Shepherd August 17, 2007
To be so massively hung that it appears like you have 3 legs. Very difficult to wear shorts in public. Every smoking hot girl wants a piece of you.
Man, I had sex with Cory last night, he was a real human tripod!
by udo August 11, 2003
to whip out your very large dick, generally for a girl.
Britney wasn't really falling for my game until I decided to unfurl the tripod on her. Now I've been tapping that ass like it was a keg of natty.
by Nicholas D October 27, 2003
Tripod Ollie is a total legend, he's married to CoDE Spice and is a pro gamer. He will play games 24/7, and will rage like a Fortnite kid, which makes it so much better.
CoDE SPICE: I mean he is my husband UwU
by Sh0yoXD May 20, 2021