Sophie the beagle became a tripod after she was hit by a car.
by JP O December 22, 2003
He's so hung, we call him tripod.
by DarkNova April 16, 2002
Where three men insert there dicks in a horse n have to keep it in there all the way round the grand national. If it falls out you lose, you can use anything to keep it in except superglue.
" Hey dudes wanna run the grand national ?"
" Sure but it'll be a bit tiring"
" There's a catch"
" What's that ?"
" Get your cock out and ram it into that horse, if it falls out you lose"
" What do you that ?"
" The Tripod dude"
by Captain HBK April 10, 2010
A tripod is a midget with 3 legs, 2 legs and one penis, all about ten inches to one foot long. A tripod is rare, a tripod over 2 foot something is impossible, nobody has a 32, 34, 36 inch penis so if a guy over 5 feet tall tells you he's a tripod he's lying. It's impossible because the longest recorded human penis was 27 inches and three quarters and the man with the record was an 8 foot 2 man from Siberia.
Vladimir petrosovich had the world's largest hot dog and he wasn't even a tripod. All tripods are midgets.
by Solid Mantis August 14, 2016
The sexual position when a man turns his bitch upside down (headstand) and separates her legs ( resembling a camera tripod), then proceeds to eat her out, as she gives him head.
by MMoney January 10, 2005
The name of a stray 3 legged cat that becomes part of a family. Also form of a 3 legged cat drawn on math boards.
Hey, look at that mangy 3 legged cat over their. Hey that mine his name is Tripod.
by Rentagaypanda August 10, 2010
A three way relationship, better than saying throuple. Tri comes from Greek and Latin words tries and tries, it means three.
Ashlyn: I want to date Taron egerton and Richard Maddern, but some cunt made three way marriage illegal.
Gabrielle: Tripod is an option dear.
by Roadmangabz August 7, 2019